Only Required when using Steam.

Only Required when using Steam.

In order for us to successfully accept orders, all two-factor authentications must be disabled. This applies in particular to Steam Guard and Steam Mobile Authentication as well as Rockstar Social Club 2-Step Verification.

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Product Description

About this product

Buy 500 Million GTA V Money for only 12.- €.

With 500 Millions in GTA V Money you can buy every business you want in GTA online. After that you still have enough money to fill your garage with some good looking vehicles!

500 Million for only 8.- € is one of the best prices on the market! Make sure to checkout our Truspilot site to verify that you can trust us! Also checkout our privacy policy before you order to make sure you agree with it. Also make sure to leave a feedback after your purchase so we can improve our service and make sure our customers are happy as this is our primary goal!

Fast Delivery

We have a very fast delivery system which means we mostly deliver the same day. We guaranty delivery within one week.

Our offers

If you don’t have an account or just started with GTA V online make sure to checkout all of our products. You can get very good deals on our bundles! We offer boosted accounts if you don’thave a GTA V account yet. Check out our other unlock all packages! Don’twaste your money on sharkcards! Spend it smarter here!


If you have any questions about this product or any other don’t hesitate to contact our support at support@kingmodz.com or on our contact page to make sure you understand what you are getting! We will get back to you within one day. We even have a live chat! This is however only available if we are currently online. If we are online you will see a button on the bottom right corner of the site.

Product Information

You need an existing GTA V account for this to work. You will need to give us your account information and we will add the money to your account withing one week. Make sure to change your password before you give us your account credentials for the maximum amount of trust!

This Mod will not get you banned however we are not able to give you a cash back guarantee because a ban can be connected to many factors such as your own behavior! If your account does get banned it is not our fault and we will not be able to help you when you contact the support because of that.